New Location - Cob House Fisheries, Worcestershire Countryside

Why not come and enjoy a Segstreme Experience with our personal transporters. Segways are self-balancing machines that are quite amazing.

When riding a Segway it feels like you are gliding through the air at speeds of up to 12mph but with complete control over any terrain. Segway's are amazing pieces of technology which mirror even the slightest movement of its rider to ensure you remain in complete control. For those of you not familiar with the Segway be assured that it is incredibly easy to learn to ride, taking just a few minutes to master. We frequently hear people say that they had no idea how easy it would be, or how much fun they would have.

All the products feature breakthrough LeanSteer™ technology and a wireless InfoKey™ controller that enhance the Segway experience by making the ride even more intuitive and adding new and useful functions. Not only do Segway's offer you this unique experience, they are also environmentally friendly and sustainable running for up to 24 miles on electricity with Zero Emissions. So whilst you are having the time of your life, you can have peace of mind that the environment is in safe hands with your Segway.

To really understand the amazing experience that the Segway has to offer, come and try a Segstreme Experience!

Jack Whitehall - Segway - Hire
Restrictions apply: 4ft and above only, minimum weight 6 stone